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MPD Client

MPD Client

An MPD client

2.0.8 Music add-onsScripts Libor Zoubek 3,068 1.45 MB Nov 13, 2013

MPDClient allows you to drive your MPD server directly from XBMC. Currently supports 3 server profiles, player commands, queue navigation, file browser, artist browser, playlist browser. Please visit for any issues or suggestions

What's new in this version?

- addon.xml added german translations
- added German translations (by remschneid)
- fixed translations for labels in Confluence skin
- addon.xml fixes for frodo
- fix control resets (by slevit)
- fixed utf coding issue
- fixed: queue does not get updated on MPD 16.x
- added: simple caching of artist list
- fixed: sorting of playlists,artists,files
- fixed: unable to start/connect on appletv boxes
- fixed: handling backspace keys
- added: server outputs are listed, can be enabled/disabled
- added: volume control buttons - for cases when volUP/volDOWN do not work (appletv)
- released for eden
- added: Polish translation thanks to Marek Lawicki
- fixed: items were queued twice when replacing queue
- improved album art fetcher - do not search for image when searching did not succeed previously
- added: per-profile option to start playing MPD right after an item was queued
- fixed: MPD did not resume playing when queue was replaced
- external python compatibility: needed to rename/move and
- added: any track, dir, artist, album can be added to any (or new) playlist
- added: playlist details - we are displaying tracks, contained in selected playlist, tracks can be queued directly or removed from playlist
- added: per-profile option to stop MPD on client exit
- improved navigation (using backspace) thanks to sandos
- changed consume radiobutton to an icon button
- fixed: navigation using arrows between player control buttons was not always working
- fixed: display song info properly when MPD is listening to stream
- added: single mode setting
- added: server settings (consume,single,repeat,random) can be forced to server when connecting
- removed: support for skins other than Confluence ('till I'll create icons for single, consume)
- removed: displaying server stats
- added: album art fetching using (images can be optionaly stored/cached for further reuse)
- added: album art fetching using local folder (together with per-profile setting 'MPD Media root' album arts are retrieved from folder of played media)
- added: setting 'Use IDLE command' (enabled by default). Having this disabled client is compatible with which does not implement IDLE on server side.
- added: in artist browser albums are displayed including release year and are sorted (latest on top)
- added: when MPD is playing and queue gets replaced playback is resumed
- changed: completely redesigned Confluence appearance (using Tabs now, more space for displaying current playlist info)
- changed: notification is now done via XBMC.Notification pop-up and can be disabled
- fixed: possible divByZero thanks to sl33nyc
- changed appearance slightly, according to forum requests
- added volume control
- displaying server stats in left panel
- added per-profile option, profile can be enabled/disabled to prevent displaying in 'Select profile' dialog
- fixed deadlocks/hangs when autoplaying stream
- added context menu in current queue to be able to remove single tracks from queue
- added: showing song progress when playing - can be disabled in settings (for low bandwidth connections)
- changed background to fanart in Transparency! skin
- added Transparency! skin support
- fixed non-working STOP action (from remotes)
- added context menu for queuing items in artist browser
- added navigations 'onright' from lists to scrollbars
- added support for password protected servers
- fixed: broken playlist renaming
- fixed: changes in settings made via 'Select Profile' dialog were not taken into account
- better exception and error handling
- improved file/artist browser navigation: both now remember recent item positions
- added consume mode support
- new icon and updated fanart
- added PM3.HD skin support
- added new setting option 'Stream URL' per profile and global one, if enabled, script will play associated stream when MPD server is currently playing/streaming
- added artist browser
- improoved Confluence skin to better fit
- added context menu to file browser (can Queue Add,Queue Replace and Update DB)
- fixed UTF decoding error
- added browsing in MPD server's filesystem
- added 'Save as' and 'Clean' buttons on current queue
- added work with playlists (save/load/delete)
- added progress dialogs when connecting/disconnecting
- fixed bug when attempted to disconnect when not connected (ended in deadlock)
- Initial version